Alessandro Maccione

Introducing Alessandro Maccione

Alessandro Maccione has a background in biomedical engineer with a Ph.D. in bioengineering, robotics and material science. Previously working as researcher in the Neuroscience department of the Italian Institute of Technology, he co-founded 3Brain and is currently the Scientific Officer. Dr. Maccione has more than 15 years of experience in the development of bio-assays resulting from the combination of technologies from several disciplines, such as CMOS technology, biocompatible materials and packaging, electrophysiology, neurobiology, computer science and ICT.

Alessandro Maccione
Scientific Officer

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Key Publications
  • Mapelli L., Dubochet O., Tedesco M., Sciacca G., Ottaviani A., Monteverdi A., Battaglia C., Tritto S., Cardot F., Surbled P., Schildknecht J., Gandolfo M., Imfeld K., Cervetto C., Marcoli M., D’Angelo E., Maccione A., 2023. Design, implementation, and functional validation of a new generation of microneedle 3D high-density CMOS multi-electrode array for brain tissue and spheroids, bioRxiv doi:2022.08.11.503595
  • Muzzi L, Falappa M, Maccione A, Di Lisa D, Frega M and Martinoia S, Human derived cortical excitatory neurospheroids showed spontaneous activity on micro electrodes array, IEEE EMBS Neural engineering NER, 2021
  • Amin H, Maccione A, Marinaro F, Zordan S, Nieus T, Berdondini L, Electrical responses and spontaneous activity of human iPS-derived neuronal networks characterized for three-month culture with 4096-electrode arrays, Front. Neurosci., 2016, doi: 10.3389/fnins.2016.00121.
  • Maccione A, Gandolfo M, Zordan S, Amin H, Di Marco S, Nieus T, Angotzi GN, Berdondini L, Microelectronics, bioinformatics and neurocomputation for massive neuronal recordings in brain circuits with large scale multielectrode array probes, Brain Res. Bull., 2015.