Mark van der Kroeg

Introducing Mark van der Kroeg

Mark van der Kroeg works as a Research Technician in the lab of Femke de Vrij and Steven Kushner. Over the past decade, he has been involved in various projects focused on the generation of neural networks from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells to model and study neuropsychiatric disorders. He has developed an organoid model, which is currently being expanded within the context of the 3D-BrAIn project. The aim is to leverage this model to investigate neuropsychiatric disorders with greater detail and higher resolution.

Mark van der Kroeg
Research Technician

Key Publications
  • Activity-based protein profiling reveals off-target proteins of the FAAH inhibitor BIA 10-2474. Science, 2017

  • A simplified protocol for differentiation of electrophysiologically mature neuronal networks from human induced pluripotent stem cells. Molecular Psychiatry, 2017

  • Phenotypic Differences between Asian and African Lineage Zika Viruses in Human Neural Progenitor Cells. mSphere, 2017