Rebecca Bonrath

Introducing Rebecca Bonrath

Rebecca Bonrath is a PhD student at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, in the lab of Silvia Cappello. Rebecca Bonrath studied Biochemistry at the Technical University of Munich in her Bachelors. Afterwards, she completed a master’s degree in Biomedical Neuroscience at the Technical University of Munich. During her Master’s Thesis, Rebecca focused  on the effects of a mutation in the Galectin-3-binding protein on cell division and cell death during brain development.

Rebecca Bonrath
PhD Candidate

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Key Publications
  • Fabrizia Pipicelli, Natalia Baumann, Rossella Di Giaimo, Andrea Forero-Echeverry, Christina Kyrousi, Rebecca Bonrath, Giuseppina Maccarrone, Denis Jabaudon & Silvia Cappello. Non-cell autonomous regulation of interneuron specification mediated by extracellular vesicles. Science Advances, 2023, 9(20):eadd8164.