Silvia Cappello

Introducing Silvia Cappello

Silvia Cappello is a Professor at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. The major focus of her laboratory is to understand the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating the development of the human brain in health and disease, with particular focus on extracellular mechanisms. Silvia Cappello studied biotechnology at the University of Bologna, Italy, and carried out her Ph.D. at the University of Padua, Italy and at the Helmholtz Center in Munich, Germany. As a postdoctoral fellow, she studied mechanisms regulating neurogenesis and neuronal migration with Magdalena Götz and in the laboratory of Richard Vallee at Columbia University.

Silvia Cappello
Associate Professor

Key Publications
  • Fabrizia Pipicelli, Natalia Baumann, Rossella Di Giaimo, Andrea Forero-Echeverry, Christina Kyrousi, Rebecca Bonrath, Giuseppina Maccarrone, Denis Jabaudon & Silvia Cappello. Non-cell autonomous regulation of interneuron specification mediated by extracellular vesicles. Science Advances, 2023, 9(20):eadd8164.

  • Christina Kyrousi, Adam C. O’Neill, Agnieska Brazovskaja, Laure Coquand, Rossella Di Giaimo, Isabel Y. Buchsbaum, Renzo Guerrini, Frances Elmslie, Alexandre Baffet, Barbara Treutlein, Stephen P. Robertson and Silvia Cappello. The extracellular matrix protein LGALS3BP regulates progenitor position and relates to human cortical complexity. Nature Communications, 2021, 12, 6298.

  • Francesco Di Matteo*, Fabrizia Pipicelli*, Christina Kyrousi, Isabella Tovecci, Eduardo Penna, Marianna Crispino, Angela Chambery, Rosita Russo, Ane Cristina Ayo-Martin, Martina Giordano, Anke Hoffmann, Emilio Ciusani, Laura Canafoglia, Magdalena Gotz, Rossella Di Giaimo and Silvia Cappello. Cystatin B is essential for proliferation and interneuron migration in individuals with EPM1 epilepsy. EMBO Molecular Medicine, 2020, 12(6):e11419.

  • Isabel Y. Buchsbaum, Pavel Kielkowski, Grazia Giorgio, Adam C. O’Neill, Rossella Di Giaimo, Christina Kyrousi, Shahryar Khattak, Stephan A. Sieber, Stephen P. Robertson and Silvia Cappello. ECE2 regulates Neurogenesis and Neuronal Migration during Human Cortical Development. EMBO Reports, 2020, 21(5):e48204.

  • Johannes Klaus*, Sabina Kanton*, Christina Kyrousi*, Ane C. Ayo-Martin, Rossella Di Giaimo, Stephan Riesenberg, Adam C. O’Neill, J. Gray Camp, Chiara Tocco, Malgorzata Santel, Ejona Rusha, Micha Drukker, Mariana Schroeder, Magdalena Götz, Stephen P. Robertson, Barbara Treutlein# and Silvia Cappello#. Altered